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The National Grain Car Council was founded by the former Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) in 1994, and is made up of a balanced representation of executives knowledgeable in the transportation of grain, including members from the Class I railroads (the Nation's largest) representing marketing and management; representatives from the Class II and Class III railroads; members representing grain shippers and receivers; and members representing private rail car owners and rail car manufacturers. The purpose of the Council is to convene meetings at least once a year that allow the members to discuss openly the issues affecting the grain transportation industry. For further information regarding this Council, please contact Fred Forstall by phone, at (202) 245-0241, or by e-mail at

2018 National Grain Car Council Membership

Chair Sharon G. Clark Perdue AgriBusiness LLC
Vice Chair Doug Story Watco Transportation Services
2nd Vice Chair Mark A. Huston Louis Dreyfus Company Rail Services LLC
Mike Bilovesky Kansas City Southern
Wyatt Brummer Scoular
Carrie Evans Iowa Interstate Railroad
Jarad Farmer Canadian Pacific
Rob Finch CSX
Roger Fray Landus Cooperative
John Glynn CIT Rail
Brian Groskreutz NIK Marketing Cooperative
Gregory Guthrie BNSF
Michael Haeg Rio Grande Pacific Corporation
Murray Hamilton Canadian Pacific
Dana Hansen Archer Daniels Midland
Jon Harmon Genesee & Wyoming
Daniel Hartmann Union Pacific
Brad Hildebrand Cargill Inc.
Michael S. Jones North Dakota Mill & Elevator Assn.
Todd Kahn Chicago Freight Car Leasing Co.
Bruce Kroese Union Pacific
Karol Lawrence Norfolk Southern
Ryan Leonard Norfolk Southern
Jim Lewis Montana Rail Link
Terry McDermott Bunge North America
Thomas McGraw Citigroup Global Markets Inc
Timothy McNulty CSX
Todd Nuelle Canadian National
Judy Petry Farmrail System
David Pope CHS Incorporated
David Przednowek Canadian National
Jerry Rogers Tysons Foods
Daniel Sabin Iowa Northern Railway
Dean Sawyer American Railcar Industries
Daniel Schueth Kansas City Southern Railroad
Scot Stoa BNSF
Bruce Sutherland Michigan Agricultural Commodities
Charlie Threlkeld CGB Enterprises Inc.
Gregory Twist Ag Processing
Mark C. Van Cleave TrinityRail



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  1997 April 26, 1997 Meeting Agenda April 29, 1997 Membership April 30, 1997 Meeting Agenda
    1997 Grain Car Scoreboard 1997 Mexico Task Force  
  1995 March 24, 1995 ICC Membership List Sep 1995 Membership List Jul 26, 1995 ICC Announces NGCC First Chair and V Chair
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  1994 Dec 6, 1994 First NGCC Charter