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Governmental Affairs, and Compliance (202-245-0238)


This office is the primary point of contact for the Board. Its staff is available to answer questions regarding general information and case-related issues; and records and publications. It is our mission to help the public understand the law and the Board’s decisions, and to aid the public in presenting clear and concise filings for the Board’s consideration.

The office is comprised of staff attorneys and transportation specialists trained to assist the public with inquiries from Congressional staffers, state and local government officials, and the public that are not routine, and require the skill of an attorney to research or answer.

In addition, we are the Board’s primary record keepers. Many of the former Interstate Commerce Commission's (ICC) rail records (at least the more recent ones) are available on microfiche and our 1st floor staff is ready to assist callers with locating both current and historical records. For assistance call 202-245-0406.

Our records staff may be reached by phoning 202-245-0238 or 202-245-0406.  The records staff can provide you with copies and certified copies of more recent Board and ICC records, and ensures that the agency continues to safeguard the legacy of ICC and current Board documents. Requests for document copies should be faxed to the records staff at 202-245-0461, or e-mailed to (rcpa@stb.gov).